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Vrbnik is a small town located on a stone cliff that emerges 49 m from the sea and captivates with its astonishing beauty.

Events of the TZ of the municipality of Vrbnik

On a high rock, huddled around the bell tower, intertwined with a labyrinth of narrow streets, it is the right destination for those who yearn for the sentimental atmosphere of irreversible times. Coming from the land, its appearance is magnificent, merging with the blue of the sea and the massif of Velebit in the background, especially after the peaceful expanse of the green Vrbnik field planted with vines of the famous golden Vrbnik Zlahtina.

The unique old town core is surrounded by walls of houses, while the sea side is partially protected by a tower and walls.

Vrbnik is a place that offers countless possibilities. It proudly displays its rich cultural and sacred heritage, and its beauty is especially appreciated by artists for whom it is a source of inexhaustible inspiration.

The combination of tradition and modernity nurtured by restaurateurs is the path that leads to gastronomic pleasures, and the gastronomic specialties of this area are perfectly accompanied by intoxicating drops of the noble Vrbnica žlahtina.

Lovers of an active holiday will enjoy hiking, cycling and diving, while others will discover hidden curiosities and beauties or simply indulge in the sun and sea on numerous beaches and bays in the area.

Vrbnik tells his story. Find out what story they will tell you!