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Malinska, once the island's central port for wood export, then a favorite tourist destination of the Viennese aristocracy, today a famous European summer resort.

It got its name from the mill built in the 15th century. century.

Hosting in its port a steamship that in 1866 It was precisely in Malinska that it landed on the island of Krk for the first time. Malinska, from a port for the export of wood, becomes a destination of the fashionable world, which reveals the potential of a climatic health resort in it.

Visitors to Malinska, delighted by its beauty, often call it the pearl of the Kvarner Islands.

With about twenty surrounding settlements on the western side of the island of Krk, in a wooded bay, Malinska belongs to the area called Dubašnica. Along the wooded coast, the bay where Dubašnica is located is characterized by a series of bays and inlets. The meteorological characteristics of this region are a low amount of precipitation, about 260 sunny days a year and a mild climate, and it is protected from cold winds by its geographical position.

Numerous concerts of classical and traditional music in the atrium of the Franciscan monastery provide a special atmosphere throughout the year. Next to the parish church of St. Apollinaris in Bogovići, the church-gallery complex of St. Nikola in the center of Malinska. The complex is of recent date, and in the summer it is the center of art events.

If you are also a fan of active vacations, you will be able to choose various sports and recreational facilities and events in Malinska. Kilometers of trails allow walkers and cyclists to spend unforgettable moments in the natural environment.

Are you inclined to romance, long walks along the lungo mare? Then be sure to take a walk along the Paradise Road, which will take you from the center of Malinska to an untouched part of the nature of this region.

As part of the events, you are offered a whole range of cultural, entertainment and sports content on traditional and contemporary topics.


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