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Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 2, Krk
Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 2, Krk

Outside the frame: Reminiscences, exhibition of drawings by Diana Sokolić

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The Town of Krk: 12 July – 01 August 2024

LINK IN ART 10 | Outside the frame: Reminiscences, exhibition of drawings by Diana Sokolić

Decumanus Gallery

Working hours: Mon. – Sat. 10.00 – 12.00 am; 08.00 – 11.00 pm

Organizer: Center for Culture of Krk

Curator: Luisa Ritoša



Text: Luisa Ritoša


Diana Sokolić invites us on a journey through her artistic collection spanning a period of 20 years. The need for reevaluation of these works is justified, as they are exceptionally valuable, modern, and intriguing pieces that have often been awarded but rarely exhibited. She explores sequences of nude bodies of both women and men in an abstract-cubist manner. Cubism utilizes simultaneous depictions of different perspectives of objects or subjects to create a multidimensional perception of space, similar to Diana’s creative solutions.

The works can be categorized into three phases, each creatively and temporally distinct. In the first, earliest phase, in a group of works called “Release” (1983 – 86), we see bodies enclosed behind bars, trying to break free. Also in this phase, we see works from the series “Private Investigation I and II” (1988 – 90). The motif is drawn in charcoal on paper, and we still see realistically rendered body parts. These drawings carry strong symbolism, communicating a sense of confinement and limitations within the human body, mind, and society. The “Silver Thread” series (1991 – 93) progresses to more abstract figures. These figures, as if in a struggle and/or passion, are completely absorbed in their internal dynamics. Headless figures convey raw physicality, but also spirituality. Works from 1994 – 2000, such as “Aurora Borealis” and “Zest,” continue this exploration but now with neon color palette, culminating in three-dimensional installations like “Syzygy” (2001 – 2002). Throughout, there’s a breakthrough in visual language, using sharp geometric forms to convey dynamic events and introducing the fourth dimension of time. Diana’s art isn’t just aesthetic; it’s deeply philosophical, raising questions about connection, love, intimacy, and duality. It prompts us to reflect on the nature of human existence, reminding us that singularity is an illusion, and everything exists in duality. The dualities such as of woman and man, body and mind, harmony and dissonance, warmth and cold, love and hate, matter and spirit shape our perception of reality. Accepting duality and integrating all aspects, pleasant and unpleasant, is key to holistic spiritual growth and happiness.

For her work, the most important element is light. She explores light and is aware that light must coexist with darkness, that it is precisely in darkness that the greatness of light is realized. Despite motif cubistic fragmentation, the works’ fluidity captivates, and the size of the paintings holds a strong presence. Diana Sokolić’s persistent dedication to her artistic vision produces exceptional achievements that evoke sensuality and passion. She is embodying resilience and warmth, as she understands that love and connection are essential to our vitality.


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12.07.2024. 00:00
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