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Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 2, Krk
Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 2, Krk

Outside the frame: Document of drawing, exhibition of drawings, assemblages and installations by Emanuela Santini

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The Town of Krk: 21 June – 11 July 2024

LINK IN ART 10 | Outside the frame: Document of drawing, exhibition of drawings, assemblages and installations by Emanuela Santini

Decumanus Gallery

Working hours: Mon. – Sat. 10.00 – 12.00 am; 08.00 – 11.00 pm

Organizer: Center for Culture of Krk

Curator: Luisa Ritoša


Document of drawing

Text: Luisa Ritoša


Drawing is considered a key component in creating any artwork; it’s regarded as the foundation but can also be seen as a finished creation. Through her years of dedication to visual arts, Emanuela Santini approaches this theme in a more comprehensive and complex manner. Inspired by the work of psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, she places special importance on the drawing process as a tool for uncovering deeper, unconscious aspects of the mind and psyche. She also utilises various techniques and drawing methods, such as spontaneous drawing, free association, and abstract expression, to highlight the importance of the physical presence of drawing as an artistic medium through different presentation formats, from box assemblages, heterogeneous implementations, artist’s book to video and audio installations.

According to Jung, the unconscious is not merely a repository of negative memories and information, but a wellspring of creativity and spirituality. To access its contents, we must temporarily let go of our ego. Santini illustrates this by deconstructing drawings, breaking the idea of coherence and wholeness to explore new meanings. She fragments drawings, incorporating various materials like cotton, cardboard, and newspapers, encouraging reflection on how meaning is formed. Despite disfigurement, the poetic quality remains, evoking melancholic dreamscapes. She uses various methods, the video piece explores the intricacies of the drawing process, capturing moments of spontaneity and control as paper/drawing is thrown. Through audio recordings of paper tearing and crumpling Santini emphasises the sensory dimension of artistic creation, transforming the static act of drawing into a dynamic and multi-sensory experience. This fusion of visual and auditory elements breaks down traditional notions of drawing, inviting viewers to reconsider the boundaries between art and its creation. In doing so, Santini offers a fresh perspective on the nature of artistic expression and the interplay between intention and chance in the creative process. She is also exhibiting an artist’s book consisting of a series of works that represent the tactile dimension of drawing; soft shapes and gentle forms are juxtaposed with diverse materials and offer an insight into her creativity, inventiveness, and depth of artistic expression.

The analytical process and heightened audio-visual stimuli immerse us in abstract cohesion with the presented artwork, encouraging deeper engagement. Critical thinking, methodical approach, and complexity are qualities that emerge alongside talent and exceptional effort. Particularly notable is the adept interdisciplinary integration of various perspectives, techniques, and media, fostering synergy between traditional and contemporary artistic approaches.


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21.06.2024. 00:00
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Centar za kulturu Grada Krka