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With this captivating outdoor exhibition, we’ll explore the island of Krk and offer the visitors a cultural and entertainment experience deeply rooted in tradition, seamlessly blending the past with the present. Outdoor manifestations that reveal the natural attractions of the island, alongside exceptional gastronomic events, are also worth visiting. Let’s mention just some of the thirty events that will be presented at the exhibition:
KRK: KRK FAIR – LOVREČEVA – The longest-running traditional event in the northern Adriatic, held in the town of Krk since the 16th century.
OMIŠALJ: ANCIENT ROMAN EVENINGS – Every summer, in mid-July, the Mirine-Fulfinum area revives the spirit of the ancient Roman times with a traditional ancient Roman dinner.
NJIVICE: ICE CREAM FESTIVAL – Alongside excellent ice cream, visitors enjoy in beautiful outdoor decorations, in the atmosphere full of fun and joy.
MALINSKA: SENSA – Cheese Days – The culinary offerings, featuring dishes and products crafted from homemade sheep cheese, are presented in restaurants throughout the Malinska area. The event is related to the Feast of Ascension. The central event unfolds on Ascension Day, marked by a cheese festival held seaside in Malinska. It features the traditional “Teć za sir” race, alongside a diverse gastronomic array of homemade sheep cheese delicacies.
PUNAT: OLIVE DAYS – The gastronomic event “Olive Days”, the first event in Croatia where tourists participate in olive harvests, has been held since 1996.
BAŠKA: FISHERMEN’S DAY – Small towns frequently harbor rich traditions, and Baška is no exception with its popular event, “Fishermen’s Day”
ŠILO: ROKOVA – a traditional folk festival abundant in religious, sporting, and entertainment activities.

There many more culinary, cultural and outdoor events that simply cannot be missed, which will be shown on the exhibition.

On this occasion, the visitors will have the opportunity to scan a QR code for each location featured on the exhibition panels, which will take them directly to the website of the relevant tourist board. With the provided multimedia content, the experience will be enriched, making it even more captivating.

The authors presented in the exhibition: Luka Tabako, Borut Brozović, Srđan Hulak, Julijen Duval, Sanjin Ilić, Kristijan Žic, Marko Matešić, Ivan Vranić, Irena Šimić, Luka Kosić, Josipa Uzelac, Hrvoje Duvančić, Fran Karabaić, Branko Karabaić and Dragutin Olvitz.

We believe that with this attractive exhibition in the open air, we will present to the visitors the traditional events of the island of Krk in all its beauty.

Krk: 7 June – 21 June / Njivice: 21 June – 5 July / Malinska: 5 July – 19 July / Baška: 19 July – 2 August / Omišalj: 2 August – 16 August / Šilo: 18 August – 30 August / Punat: 30 August – 13 September

Livingstone Association in collaboration with the The Island of Krk Tourist Board and the tourist offices of the above mentioned towns. Contact information: WWW.PRIJATELJIMORA.COM / WWW.LIVINGSTONE.HR


In 2009, the Rijeka-based association Livingstone and Astoria company launched a national cultural and tourist campaign “Friends of the Sea”. Every summer, exhibitions featuring large format photographs take place on the island of Krk, with the aim of drawing attention to the significance of photography in media culture and promoting ecology and preservation of the Adriatic Sea.

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