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Educational game: Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt

Date start: 
30.03.2024. | 10:00
Date end: 
30.03.2024. | 12:30

Spend the Easter holidays in Baška and have fun in the educational game ‘Searching for the Easter Bunny’. For the third year, we are preparing a fun family adventure where you will learn about the history of Baška, the Glagolitic script, navigating your surroundings, and win sweet prizes. The game ‘Searching for the Easter Bunny’ is suitable for all ages, which includes our youngest with the support of moms, dads, grandparents, guardians.

Sign-up via online form – until 28.3.2024. at 11:59 p.m. On-site sign-up will not be possible.

Gathering in front of the Heritage Hotel Forza from 10:00 a.m.
Start: 10:30 am (in front of the Heritage Hotel Forza)
To play, you need: a mobile phone with WiFi or mobile Internet access, a ballpoint pen and a lot of good mood.
Participation is free!
The expected duration of the search is a maximum of two (2) hours, or 120 minutes.


To participate, it is necessary to designate a team of at least two (2) people – one of whom must be an adult and one under the age of 14, and the team can have a maximum of five (5) members. Your task is to find as many control points as possible in the shortest time possible. Before starting the search, the organiser will explain the rules of the game and give each team a map with checkpoints and the necessary additional material. At each checkpoint, a puzzle, a quiz or a specific code will await you. The points are distributed in the area of the Baška settlement and do not have to be visited in the order of the questions.

The winning team is the one that collects the most hidden points and finds the ‘rabbit’ in the shortest time!


The sponsor of the event, TZO Baška, provided special prizes for the first 3 teams, but the rest will not be miss out on the sweet surprises either. The announcement of the winner and the awarding of prizes will take place after the end of the ‘Quest’

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Date start: 
30.03.2024. 10:00
Date end: 
30.03.2024. | 12:30